Almond Chicken

There’s only so many ways you can season a chicken to go with your usual brown rice before you want to run to the nearest place that serves fried chicken. So if you’re as tired of the same old chicken and rice as we are, here’s a fun meal changer for you!

This recipe has become one of my favorites, but I owe all the credit to my sweet husband. He’s the one who came up with this chicken one hungry night after work. We were so tired, but reeeeaaalllyyy didn’t want the same old seasoned salt chicken with brown rice. So he came up with this super easy, delicious chicken with the stuff we had around the kitchen that was within our meal plan guidelines.

J’s Almond Chicken

1/2 C raw almonds
1/2 tsp seasoned salt
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 C whole wheat flour
1 egg
1 1/2 lbs raw chicken (We like using tenderloins, but you can use breasts if you cut them in half through the middle so they are thinner pieces.)

1/4 C oats (If they are whole oats, you might want to stick them in the blender for a few seconds to break them down a little smaller)

First, crush the almonds. You can do this however you’d like. J puts them in a plastic ziploc bag and pounds them with something hard in the kitchen. You can even stick them in a blender to break them up into more of an almond flour, we just like the crunchy texture better with this chicken. Then, put the crushed almonds into a bowl and add in the seasoned salt, and paprika. Really, you can add whatever spices you’d like! We put different spices in every time we’ve made it depending on our mood and it’s always come out delicious. Tonight, we were feeling the paprika!

(*If you’re wanting to use the oats, you’d just add that in with this almond mixture. We’ve made it with and without the oats and it’s great either way! Just depends on how many carbs we’re wanting for the meal.)

Put the flour into a separate bowl, then put the egg into another separate bowl and beat until the yolk is well blended.

After that, it’s super simple. Take a chicken piece, dip it into the flour on both sides, dip it into the egg on both sides, and then roll it in the almond mixture.

Then put it into a greased fry pan and cook until the chicken is completely done! Make sure to flip the chicken over so you don’t burn the almonds too bad. And don’t worry too much if the almond covering comes off, I promise it will still taste just as good. 🙂

We put this chicken with veggies and brown rice, but it goes great with whole wheat pasta as well!

I hope you like this recipe! I ask J to make it all the time. It’s quick, mixes up your chicken and rice nights, satisfies your breaded chicken craving, and adds a little protein boost to your dinner!

Eat well,


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