Hey there!

My name is Kelsey. I love fitness, nutrition, and and eating really delicious, healthy food! I’ve personally been on a thermogenic meal plan (not using drugs or pills of any kind) for the past year and a half that is low in sugar, only uses whole wheat flour, low in fat, and makes me feel great!

Unfortunately, to a lot of people eating healthy also means eating food that’s not-so-great or super bland.

But that’s not the case!

suhkyuh-luh nt

  1. full of juice; jucy.
  2. rich in desirable qualities.
  3. affording mental nourishment.
  4. (of a plant) having fleshy and jusicy tissues.

Life should be succulent.

And finding great things to eat that are healthy shouldn’t be hard! So I want to share recipes with you that are not only healthy, low in sugar, and free from white flour…. but they taste SO so good.

I’m only just getting started with this blogging thing, so I apologize for my site not quite right yet… it’s definitely a work in progress. But I’ll be posting healthy recipes as often as I can, as well as some “cheat day” recipes that will make your heart happy… even though your belly probably won’t feel too great… 😉 We all have to indulge ourselves with a cheat meal once a week to stay sane!

Make life succulent. Eat well.