Ok picture this:

You’re getting hungry and you want something delicious for dinner because you’ve had way more than a few too many plain chicken and rice dinners lately, but you’re not feeling in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen making some crazy difficult meal, annnndddd…. it’s not your cheat day.

So what do you do?

 Cave in to your cravings/lack of cooking ambition and go to the nearest Raising Cane’s and grab an order of chicken strips and fries to go?

No. You don’t. 

Because you know that this plan results in you wasting all your hard work during the day to not spike your blood sugar level and keep that body fat burning.

So instead, you’re going to come here to find the perfect Porter Approved* recipe for you to fill your tummy, satisfy some cravings, and keep your lifestyle goals on track so you can enjoy your next cheat meal without any regrets of compromising your meal standards during the week.